Atheism today is scientifically victorious and this by a very big difference on those who claim to represent religions, whether they are Muslims, Shiites, Sunnis, and Wahhabis, or Christians, or Jews. They reply on scientific subjects without any understanding. For this, Ahmed Alhasan wrote a book in which he discussed the most important scientific theories that are proven through experiments, or mathematically and theoretically. The theory of evolution and the selfish gene theory, the origin of the universe or the Big Bang theory, the string theory or the M theory, the existence of more than four dimensions in this universe. When did Adam live on this Earth? When and where, and how is the flood of Noah produced?Did the Flood take over the whole earth? And have all living things been destroyed? These questions, and many more, were answered by Ahmed Alhasan in the book « The Illusion of Atheism », and which includes scientific debates with Professor Richard Dawkins, and Professor Stephen Hawking, and others. them.

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